Rule 5 Draft & Winter Meetings Update

The Rule 5 Draft will be conducted in-game on Sunday, December 16.

  • PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR 40-MAN ROSTER AND YOUR EXPORTS OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. I want to avoid some of the drama we had across a player or two last season.
  • You can view your Rule 5 eligible players in the “Front Office” portion of your team dropdown in-game. You can change any tab there to “RULE 5 ELIGIBLE PLAYERS.” In addition, Rule 5 eligible players can be seen on the team transaction page that views all of your rosters.

The MLB Pro Winter Meetings will take place January 9th-11th.

  • For the time being, if you have any of the following submit them to Matt before the Winter Meetings (the sooner the better).
    • Rule Ideas
    • League Suggestions
    • Winter Meeting Suggestions