Rule Changes 2018-2019

Rule Changes For 2018-2019 Season

(Effective Beginning In Off-Season Following 2018 Season)

After the mid-season survey of GM’s asking for their ideas and proposals on the state of rules within the league, the League Office came together to discuss what changes:

  1. Felt like positive additions to the league
  2. Were implementable with what OOTP allows
  3. Had been mentioned numerous times in PM’s or in surveys

After careful discussion and going back and forth on numerous ideas, the following rules are being added beginning in the off-season following the completion of the 2018 MLB Pro season:

  1. The league minimum salary will be raised to $550,000
  2. During the August Revocable Waiver Trade Period, a fee of $20,000 will be placed on ANY player POSTED to the waiver system as well as any CLAIM MADE (including claims not won) on a player.

In addition to the above rule changes, the Commissioner’s Office is making the following change:

  1. Revenue sharing will shift to a 22% of all income model.

In addition, I want to address something that was brought to my attention a couple of times during the season.

When it comes to a starting pitcher on a given day, if you plan on juggling your rotation or making a spot start, or any scenario for that matter where you know in advance you plan on changing things up for a particular start, or any situation where the a starter goes from a lefty to righty or righty to lefty, please try and let your opponent know.

This falls under the section of the Constitution dealing with the limitations of OOTP that would not occur in real life. Again, this is not something that happened frequently, it did pop up from time to time though and enough people mentioned it that I felt it was worth of reminding everyone here.


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