Sit Down Interview with Astros GM Matt Wells

This is Sir Wayne Ellington III here, with an exclusive interview with theĀ legendary general manager of the Houston Astros, Matt Wells.

WE: Matt, how’s it going today?

MW: Well, *drinks* have you looked at the standings recently Wayne?

WE: Fair enough, but you still have lots to look forward to. When you were placed in charge of this team, you did not have much talent, and what Major Leaguers you did have, you traded to get prospects, did you not expect this?

MW: No, this is exactly what we expected. But it hurts going to the ballpark every day and watching your team get the living shit kicked out of them.

WE: Very true, but let’s move away from the Major League team, and talk about the prospects. There were talks that Edgar Arredondo would be making his Major League debut, he even flew from Salt Lake City, where your AAA team was playing, to Philadelphia, and took batting practice in uniform. But come game time, he wasn’t on the 25-man roster. What happened there?

MW: The same thing that happened that caused us to lose Will Chambers and Sandy Leon last year. Outside of me, this front office is incompetent. Although, my lifetime .389 winning percentage says I’m not much better. The paperwork to get him on the 25-man roster wasn’t sent in before game time.

WE: Well now we’re hearing he’s going back to AAA, why?

MW: Upon further review, even though we feel his bat is ready to play in the bigs, we want him to continue working on his defense. It definitely has nothing to do with service time manipulation.

WE: Can we expect to see him later this season?

MW: Good question. We’re going to call him up in early August, to face the Rangers. We feel this gives him enough time in AAA to keep preparing, and a good matchup for him once he is called up.

WE: Anyone else we can plan on seeing this year?

MW: Lopahin Sachko, Krishawn Holley and Alfonso Martinez will likely all make their way back to the Major Leagues, given they can keep proving themselves at AAA. They all have things to work on before we feel they can succeed, so that’s what they’ll be doing.

WE: Any more debuts?

MW: Melvin Garner is making a case to be a starter in our rotation. If he keeps this up, he may find himself making a few starts.

WE: No Richard Fowler?

MW: I can tell you now, unless we have 100 players get injured, Richard will not be making his debut this season. He still has a lot to prove in AAA, and will likely start there next season. He can become a special player, we do not plan on rushing him.

WE: What about some of your other prospects? Anyone sticking out to you?

MW: We think Darge Kawawe will be a superstar in this league, right alongside Arredondo and Richard. We also love what we’ve been seeing out of Juan Ramos down at Lancaster.

WE: What did you think about your haul in this years draft?

MW: We were extremely happy with the pitchers we got in the first five rounds. We think Luis Espinosa was one of the top pitchers, if not the best, in this draft class. Austin and Jeff are two college pitchers that had proven they knew how to pitch, while Jesse and Jason were two high school pitchers that we thought were good enough to be first rounders. Possibly our favorite guy though was Doug Ingram, a centerfielder out of Texas. He showcased the ability to hit well beyond his years.

WE: With all of this minor league talent, when do you expect to compete?

MW: Well, we’re in a division with the Angels and Mariners, the two best teams in the AL. Texas and Oakland both have upside. It’s not going to be anything easy. I’m thinking maybe 2020 we have a shot at 3rd place. 2023 we can take the division.