The Best Nicknames of MLB Pro

While there are very few people in MLB Pro that we know by just their nickname, there’s still plenty that catch our eye when searching for that 3rd prospect to complete a deal or cleaning out your minors and you have to decide between a player with a nickname and one without. But here’s the 84 best nicknames in MLB Pro.

84. Mothra — 1B Teika Satake — Rochester Red Wings (AAA)

83. Uncle — SP Jim Howe — Idaho Falls Chukars (R)

While in college, there was a younger teammate with the same last name, and since Dad was a weird nickname, the team started calling him Uncle Howe.

82. Motormouth — CF José López — Brooklyn Cyclones (A-)

81. Motormouth — 3B Felipe Legaspe — Peoria Mariners (R)

80. Hennie — SP James Tate — Rochester Red Wings (AAA)

Just look at the second definition for Hennie on Urban Dictionary to see what Tate got that nickname.

79. Henney — C Guy Gregg — Free Agent

78. Hill Billy — C Dustin Thompson — Fort Myers Twins (R)

77. Belly — 2B Manny Vega — Billings Mustangs (R)

76. Egyptian — SP Hunter Johnson — Stockton Ports (A+)

75. Bear Tracks — RP Bill Vines — Lake County Captains (A)

74. Baby-faced Assassin — SS Joe Leffe — Port Charlotte Rays (R)

73. Blitzen — 2B Jacob Parker — Winston-Salem Dash (A+)

72. Blower — SP Brian Young — Lake Elsinore Storm (A+)

71. Eye Chart — RP Randall Monroe — Williamsport Crosscutters (A-)

He got his nickname after he refused to wear his glasses or contacts, so coaches bought an eye chart for their office, and if he tried to play without his glasses they would make him do the eye chart. If he failed, he had to put on the glasses.

70. Foots — 3B Pancho Aguilar — Reading Fightin’ Phils (AA)

When he first came from Venezuela, he didn’t know how to say feet and so when talking hitting with his coach, he kept saying foots, and thus the name stuck.

69. Pops — SP Ramiro Rodriguez — Detroit INT Complex (INT)

68. Jellyroll — CF Vincente Pérez — Cedar Rapids Kernels (A)

67. Eggie — CL Kadir Hashim — Cleveland Indians (MLB)

66. Imp — CF Joe Stokes — Boise Hawks (A-)

65. Leo — Ryan Kemp — Corpus Christi Hooks (AA)

64. J-Mike — RF Javier Gallegos — Tampa Yankees (R)

63. Joe-M — RP Jason Morris — Free Agent

62. Goose — 3B Kwan-yew Yeh — Quad Cities River Bandits (A)

Yeh got the nickname because when he first signed and got to Lexington, he bought an apartment, which turned out to have a goose in it. Rather than get rid of it, he kept the goose.

61. Texas — RP Jesús Ortíz — Free Agent

60. One Arm — SP Koryusai Jouda — Free Agent

59. Pocket Pudge — CL Al Bean — Lake Elsinore Storm (A+)

58. Old Hoss — SP Miguel Gómez — San Francisco INT Complex (INT)

57. Little Nemo — CF Luis Murillo — Great Lakes Loons (A)

56. The Mechanical Man — C Jerry Caine — New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA)

55. Say Hey — SP Kevin Nicholas — Buffalo Bisons (AAA)

54. Tut — SP Ángel Campos — Dayton Dragons (A)

53. Swin — C Bill Perea — Free Agent

52. Mungo — C Carlos Aguilar — Tampa Bay INT Complex (INT)

51. Bruz — C Mike Miller — Fort Myers Twins (R)

50. Bronk — 3B Joe Holler — Staten Island Yankees (A-)

49. Dogface — RP Jeff Carr — Potomac Nationals (A+)

48. Gulfport — LF Gianfranco Pazzio — Phoenix Brewers (R)

47. Kemer — SS Jim Taylor — Beloit Snappers (A)

46. Oisk — SP Hirotaka Sawada — St. Louis INT Complex (INT)

45. Prexy — CF Erik Roberts — Fort Myers Miracle (A+)

44. Wito — RF Raúl Domínguez — Staten Island Yankees (A-)

43. The Cuban Tank — CF Bob Mason — Aberdeen Ironbirds (A-)

He got the nickname after he was confused with a Cuban teammate by an announcer. He had just crushed a home run, and after hearing the call, he’s been the Cuban Tank ever since, despite being a Texan.

42. A.C. — 2B Ernest Miller — Lakeland Tigers (R)

41. A.C. — SP Jim Teslo — Los Angeles INT Complex (INT)

40. Bull Montana — CF Arturo Velázquez — Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)

39. Little Sarge — RP Jeffrey Wallace — Free Agent

38. Mr. X — SP Dave Smith — Memphis Redbirds (AAA)

Let’s just say he got this nickname because the X is short for something else.

37. King Bill — SP Jeff Sullivan — West Virginia Black Bears (A-)

36. Baid Billy — SP Dave Groves — Fresno Grizzlies (AAA)

35. Buffalo Bill — SP Greg Jones — West Virginia Black Bears (A-)

No one has any clue as to why these last three got Bill in their nicknames, but just like my teammate Nick became Chuck and Cooper became Lucas, sometimes it just happens.

34. Donnie Base — 1B Soichiro Kawasaki — Free Agent

33. Hercules — SP Esteban Martínez — Los Angeles INT Complex (INT)

32. Little Louie — 1B Gary Copeland — Minnesota Twins (MLB)

Copeland had this nickname from a young age, when he and another kid, named Louie, looked the same and actually got taken home by the wrong family several times.

31. Uncle Robbie — SP Alex Watts — New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA)

30. The Murph — RP Marco Sorensen — Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)

29. the O.C. — 3B Norberto Solano — Cleveland INT Complex (INT)

28. Ryno — 2B Todd MacMonies — Bradenton Marauders (R)

27. Long Jim — SP Mark Davies — Washington Nationals (MLB)

Davies was given the nickname after he tried to give it to another teammate. He would always enter the clubhouse, see Jimmy Reyes and go ‘Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmm’.

26. Honolulu Johnny — C José Soto — Atlanta INT Complex (INT)

25. Hammerin’ Hank — 1B Matt Curry — Toledo Mud Hens (AAA)

Curry got this nickname after he hit a towering home run that landed on the other side of the railroad tracks, and being a Detroit prospect, he was compared to the Tigers legend, although he has never lived up to the name.

24. CarGo — SP Vance Halili — Bowling Green Hot Rods (A)

23. Diamond John — C Jason Holland — Hagerstown Suns (A)

22. Diamond John — CF Russ Everhart — Great Falls Voyagers (R)

21. Gentlemanly Bob — RP Mike Brown — Free Agent

Mike Brown worked as a used cars salesman on the side, and went by the name Bob, so he couldn’t use his local fame to outsell his coworkers.

20. Grasshopper Jim — CF Michael Madriga — Clearwater Threshers (R)

When Madriga first got to Clearwater last year, no one knew his name, all they knew is he brought one of those bug terrarium kits to the field every day and caught three grasshoppers to bring home.

19. Medicine Bill — SP Claudio Gutiérrez — Philadelphia INT Complex (INT)

18. Super Joe — RP Rod Cunningham — Norfolk Tide (AAA)

17. Wee Davy — RP Héctor Cantú — Toronto Blue Jays (MLB)

16. Sliding Billy — SP Alberto Otero — Kannapolis Intimidators (A)

15. Stooping Jack — 1B Fernando Flores — Free Agent

14. Subway Sam — SP Joe Rush — Pulaski Yankees (R)

After getting drafted by the Yankees, Rush went to NYC to sign. He ended up taking a subway out to the Bronx, but when he was on there, a homeless man came after him, saying Sam over and over. Scared, he got off several stops away and ran the rest of the way, bursting into the reception area. When asked who he was, he was out of breath and so scared all he could say was “Subway… Sam.. Subway.. Sam”.

13. Smiling Stan — SP Pedro Carranza — Pittsburgh INT Complex (INT)

12. Big Z — SP Rick Moore — Jupiter Cardinals (R)

11. The Beas — C Lee Dunbar — New Britain Bees (AA)

Dubar spent 3 years of his life living on the Beas River in India, using the river for all of his needs, from bathing to fishing to drinking water.

10. Mandrake the Magician — RP Brock Young — Rochester Red Wings (AAA)

9. The Knight of Kennett Square — RP Raúl Maestas — Lynchburg Hillcats (A+)

Maestas is a history buff and drives across the country doing reenactments. One time during the offseason, a teammate was driving cross country to a new training facility and stopped in a random town in Pennsylvania, Kennett Square, to fill up his tank. There he saw Maestas dressed up as a knight, and within days he was stuck with the name.

8. Coalyard Mike — SP Fernando Cortijo — Philadelphia INT Complex (INT)

7. Disco Dan — SP Robinson Herrera — Burlington Royals (R)

As a part of his hazing, Herrera was forced to dress up in a ridiculous costume. The only thing was he loved the disco look and has since changed his entire wardrobe to match it.

6. Harry the Horse — SS Rafael Fernández — Philadelphia INT Complex (INT)

5. Harry the Horse — 2B Craig Woodward — Brooklyn Cyclones (A-)

4. Jurassic Carl — RF Júlio Torres — Tempe Angels (R)

3. Cthulu — SP Cody McCutc — Birmingham Barons (AA)

When he was in the 4th grade, he wrote his name on a test he was taking. ‘Cthulu’ was how he spelled it.

2. The M — SP Fernando Sáenz — Baltimore INT Complex (INT)

1. P — RP Randy Foster — Midland Rockhounds (AA)

Foster got the nickname because P is actually his middle name. His parents thought they were hilarious.

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