The Bronx is Burning

The Bronx is Burning
By: Steven I. Smitts

When the news broke in late November that Rhett Parker was leaving the Kansas City Royals to join the New York Yankees, New York Yankee fans were quick to believe the savior was upon us.

Parker quickly acquired Nathan Eovaldi, Robert Paullus, Lucio Cruzado, Marc Rzepczynski, Tommy Joseph, Wayne Powers, Jaff Decker, Arinori Arai, Miguel Velazquez, and a handful of others.

Yankee fans were convinced they were headed on the right track.

Well Yankee fans, you were fooled. You were damn fooled…

In 12 starts, Eovaldi won just two games. The defense behind him was down right worse harder to watch than any Knicks game from this past season. Expecting the former Cy Young winner would succeed with what Parker put behind him was downright tomfoolery.

Eovaldi did not come to New York alone, Robert Paullus was also acquired in the trade with Seattle. Paullus was immediately given an extension to the tune of $90 million over the next six years. $15 million a year for a team is going to be lucky to sniff .500 ball! A team that gave up young players in Kyle Cody, Royce Lewis, Mariano Gonzalez, and Elliot Jenkins. FOUR PLAYERS that all could have been a part of the Yankees future.

If that trade was bad, bailing on Eovaldi by late May — well, let’s just say, Dorothy’s not in Kansas City anymore. Parker and Yankee brass were willing to eat 50% of Eovaldi’s contract ($63 million over the next 7 years) along with Matt Barnes (Remember him? He was acquired at the cost of Chad Scott and Wendell Ayers) in exchange for lottery tickets James Tate and Brendan Rodgers.

James Dolan is laughing in his skybox at Madison Square Garden. He knows losing the lottery and Zion Williamson will be overshadowed by the mess that is the jumbled plans of the Yankees.

When your Yankee ticket prices skyrocket, just remember it’s because of the payments that are going to players not on the week. Eovaldi…Prince…Kimbrel…Francisco…

The Evil Empire no more!