Toronto Blue Jays Go All In

Blue Jays Moves Signal All In Approach
-Toronto Sun Sports, May 23, 2019

The Toronto Blue Jays held an introductory press conference today prior to their game against the Boston Red Sox. The game was “school day,” so 10s of thousands of Greater Toronto Area children will get to see the new look Blue Jays offense.

New Catcher Gary Sanchez said that “We wan’t to be the new WAMCO. The next generation of a terrifying Blue Jays offense.”

New OF/DH Esteban Hernandez, acquired from the Brewers early this morning landed mere hours before the game and will not draw into the lineup. Expect him to debut tomorrow.

General Manager Mitchell Bannon said that “the Jays marketing department had not decided on a catch phrase or advertising campaign for the 2019 season so the management decided to come up with one ourself: #ALLIN.

“Get ready Toronto.” Bannon said. Hernandez and Sanchez combined for 15.4 WAR in 2017, impressive additions for an already competitive roster.

When asked about the risk involved in acquiring short term assets, especially considering the Jays gave up what many consider three of their best four prospects, Bannon claimed that “early discussions with Gary have been very encouraging,” and that “He wants to play for a winner, wants to hit home runs behind great players like Bryce, Giancarlo and Esteban.” Bannon later indicated that any extension with Hernandez would be discussed after this season.

The Jays are certainly “#ALLIN” as Bannon put it, moving Casey Mize, Cody McCutc, and Pedro Cuevas amongst others in the last 48 hours (some sources indicate there is a PTBNL also involved in the Brewers deal), but with a young core and ample budget space there is championship window opening north of the border.