WDL Teams Reach Deals With Veteran Managers

WDL Teams Reach Deals With Veteran Managers

Honolulu, HI.

As the University of Hawaii baseball team took the field for an afternoon practice today at Les Murakami Stadium, they were greeted by twelve legends of the game.  Joining the team on the field were the newest members of MLB Pro’s Winter Developmental League.

In a press conference held this morning, MLB Pro League Officials announced that the following retired players and managers had agreed to take on roles within the WDL:

General Managers
AL EAST: Cal Ripken Jr.
AL CENTRAL: George Bret
AL WEST: Jeff Bagwell
NL EAST: Mike Schmidt
NL CENTRAL: Johnny Bench
NL WEST: Mike Piazza

AL EAST: Willie Randolph
AL CENTRAL: Jim Leyland
AL WEST: Mike Scioscia
NL EAST: Bobby Cox
NL CENTRAL: Tony La Russa
NL WEST: Dusty Baker

(Statement from Commissioner Office)
“When the Winter Developmental League was announced, it was our goal to find some of the best baseball minds in the game to help develop and shape the young talent that will be playing in the league.  We are confident that each and every team should feel confident that by sending their players to the WDL, they will be giving their players a chance to learn from some of the best in the game.”

(Cal Ripken Jr. on agreeing to position)
“It was an easy decision for me.  The game of baseball runs deep in my veins, it has allowed me to do so much.  I am excited to be around the next wave of great talent.  If I am able to make any type of difference on or off the field, I look forward to being a part of this.”

(Mike Scioscia on coming out of retirement)
“Retiring was not an easy choice. We had just won a title in Los Angeles and I knew we would be a favorite the next season.  Watching the Angels and to see what Rod had been able to accomplish the past two seasons, I was happy for them — but sitting at home just wasn’t the same.  The grind of 162 is too much for me, but two months in Hawaii, giving back and sharing whatever I can is something I look forward to doing.

(NOTE: The managers and GM’s associated with the WDL ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FUTURE MLB PRO MLB ROLES!!!)