White Sox November Trade Block

The White Sox, entering the offseason, have the following players available on the trading block:


SP Joseph Musgrove .... Limited ML time, is 25 years old and earning league minimum.  Has repeatedly had 10+ K/9 ratings throughout the minors, 9.2 K/9 for the White Sox in limited innings this past season.  Many different trade possibilities: power bat, solid reliever, or prospects at a number of positions.


CF Desmond Henry ... Gold glove caliber defense in CF.  Combined 12.6+ ZR in centerfield between CIN and CWS this season.  A lone error with CIN before his mid-April trade.  3.6 WAR on the year, .272 average for CWS, a solid offensive contributor.  Looking for prospects, a power bat, or solid reliever in return.


1B Richie Shaffer ... Cheap get, right-handed hitting 1B, solid platoon player.  Not looking for much in return.


3B Kolbrin Vitek ... ++ 3B defense.  Decent bat.  Team captain. Cheap.  


Plenty of other players potentially available, just inquire.



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