White Sox Trade Block

The Chicago White Sox are open for business this 2019 season.


First, the ground rules.  The following players are untouchable.


SP Bill Black

SP Jeff Wallace

CF Roberto Torres


The following players are explicitly on the block and we are actively shopping:


+ SP Cody Ponce (team captain) . 25 years old.  Locked up for 3 years beyond this one for $5.5m per year.  Was a double-digit game winner each of the past two years with a 2.8 and 2.4 WAR respectively.  Never allowed more than 0.9 HR/9 despite pitching in a home run park, according to our park metrics.  Looking for 2-3 bonafide prospects in return, or 1 elite prospect with a couple borderline guys to see it through.


+ CL Javy Guerra.  Earning $9.5m this year, $8.5m next year.  Has a 123 ERA+ for the White Sox this year, was 212 ERA+ for Toronto last year where he earned zero losses.  Looking for one or two solid prospects in return. Not looking to retain any salary.


+ SP/RP Hudson Boyd.  Only 26 years old and earning league minimum.  Elite changeup to go with his solid fastball and curveball.  We've been using him primarily out of the bullpen, but he started 13 games for the Reds last year for a 2.48 ERA.  Would trade one-for-one for a top prospect, or else for a couple mid-level prospects.


+ RP Derek Law.  28 year old reliever on a league minimum salary.  40 stamina so he can give you multiple innings.  1.42 ERA this year in 25.1 IP, only  12 hits allowed with 25 Ks.  Seeking a worthwhile prospect in return.


+ 2B Ruben Lopez.  24 year old second basemen with plus defense and above average offense.  Earning league minimum and not yet arb eligible.  Can also play SS.  Seeking a worthwhile prospect or two.  Not elite but would like at least one player who should be a future ML player; doesn't have to look like a future star.


+ 3B Juan Francisco.  Although his salary appears on the surface to be $31m per year with 2 more years on the books after this one, NYY is covering 20% of his salary, so he's really owed $24.8m per.  Our park has provided zero power all year but Juan has still had excellent prowess for getting on base with a 358 OBP as of 6/18.  Had an OPS above 8 for both April and May but our entire team has collapsed in June, and Juan has not been an exception.  The more salary a team is wiling to take on, the less return we'll need.  We are NOT willing to tack on a prospect to move him unless it's a true longshot from the low-levels of the farm system.  Francisco can still be a genuine contributor to a big league club, probably as a DH at this point his career though he's not an absolute travesty at 3B... But not exactly an average defender, either.  It's worth noting he's hitting 280/365/439 vs LHP despite being a LHB.


+ LF JD Martinez.  Martinez earned a 4.9 and 3.7 WAR in the past two seasons for Toronto.  He's only on pace for a 1.8 WAR in Chicago this year but that's because absolutely no one seems to be able to hit home runs in our park this season.  Every single player on our team has diminished in that category inexplicably.  JD is not just a power bat, he also hits for average AND plays above average defense at LF.  He has a +1.2 ZR at LF for the White Sox this season in only 52 games started there.  He was +6.0 ZR there last season for Toronto.  Martinez is a great all-around player.  Owed $21.64m for two more seasons beyond this one, with a team option for the third year.  Not looking to retain any salary.  As such, not looking for an enormous return, but a couple solid prospects would do.  If you want us to retain any salary, the asking price goes up accordingly.


+ LF/DH Eric Thames.  Power hitting corner outfielder, designated hitter, pinch hitter.  Earning $6.95m this year and next.  May be willing to retain some salary in a deal.  Seeking a prospect or two.


+ OF Luis Serrano.  Primarily a corner outfielder but can also play center.  Prankster personality, lightens a clubhouse, while hitting for contact and getting on base.  Best of all, he's on a very team friendly contract, earning less than $1.5m each of the next three years after this one.  Was a 2.4 WAR player for Chicago last year in only 99 games.  Limited playing time this year with some injury time.  


+ RF Claudio Echevarria.  Has hit 304/385/478 for the White Sox since coming over in a trade from Cleveland.  Earning league minimum at 29 years of age and not yet arbitration eligible.  Would like a prospect in return who's not so far from ML ready.  Otherwise a couple players if they're further away.




You'll notice some big names here that are not on the untouchable list, nor the explicit trade block.  Such as:


SS Miguel Leon

C Omar Silva

SP Porter Curran

1B Jorge Alvarado

RP Mitchell Traver

RP Bernardo Gallo


I'm not making these players completely untouchable, but it'll take a hell of a deal to acquire any of the above.  But that shouldn't dissuade you from trying.  If you think you have the pieces to get it done, we have until the end of July to come to an accord.  Happy to discuss what you have in mind.


I look forward to talking with you fellas.

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