White Sox/Cardinals Agree to Mega-Deal

Cardinals & White Sox Agree To Mega-Deal

Kershaw and Stanton Traded

The Cardinals and White Sox are both dealing with slow starts to their 2017 season.  In order to try and light a spark within, the two teams agreed to a mega-deal Sunday afternoon.

The White Sox agreed to trade SP Clayton Kershaw and AAA 1B Alex Dickerson to St. Louis in exchange for OF Gincarlo Stanton and minor league pitchers Bill Black, Jonathan Ware, and Alberto Otero.

Kershaw was originally acquired by the White Sox in 2015 from Atlanta.  Coming off of a 14-11, 3.14 ERA season in 2016, the Sox had high hopes for Kershaw this season.  Unfortunately, things had not gone well in April.  Kershaw has given up 8 home-runs already and their is some believe that his pitches do not have the same movement they have had in the past.  The biggest concern in Chicago with Kershaw was the impending start of the 7-year, $215 million extension he signed in 2015.

The centerpiece of the deal heading to Chicago is Gincarlo Stanton.  Stanton, signed through 2018, is a premier power bat that will sit in the middle of the White Sox lineup.  In addition to Stanton, each pitcher has promise.  Bill Black currently ranks among the top prospects in the league.  He has high stuff, but some question his control at the big league level.    

An AL General Manager speaking under the condition of anonymity had the following reaction to the deal, “Black has 3 pitches and looks good, Ware is AAAA, and Otero is decent, probably 4/5 type, but Stanton, In Chicago, WOW!”

Both players are expected to be with their new ball club on Monday.