Winter Developmental League: First Details


Beginning in the 2017 offseason, MLB Pro organizations will be able to send players to the Winter Developmental League (WDL) located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The league will be used as a way to showcase young talent as well for those who have gone under the radar to have an additional chance to breakout into the spotlight.

Season Start: First-half of December 2017
Season Length: 35 games
Teams: 6 Teams [AL Central, AL East, AL West, NL Central, NL East, NL West)




Roster Size: 35 players
Final Roster Submission: TBD
Maximum MLB Service Time: 1 Year
League Levels: All league levels

In making each roster, division “foes” will need to come together to build the roster.  With 35 player rosters, each team will have 7 representatives.

The selection process will take place via a draft made up of the five teams within the division.  The draft will be held via a Google Sheets document that the league office will provide.  The only requirement is that by the end of the draft is that the roster composition fills the minimum position requirement and below the maximum position requirement listed within the document.  

[NOTE: While there is no set designation between SP and RP, just understand that even if 15 SP are taken, not all 15 will be used in the rotation.]

The draft will begin at the end of the MLB Pro regular season.  The draft order is based upon division standings — with a mix of both a straight and snake style draft.  


Each division will appoint someone to serve as the division’s WDL Manager.  This person will be in control of lineups, rotations, team strategy.  This person is to try and play every player on the roster equally.  This position will be a single WDL season term and each year the division may select someone new if they so choose.  


Injuries that occur during the WDL will be left as is.  

For those teams concerned with injuries, choose wisely with whom you want to send to the WDL.  If you are worried about an injury to an elite prospect, do not send the elite prospect to the WDL.  


Players selected to the WDL are not eligible to be traded, released, waived from their MLB Pro organization at any point during the WDL season.