World Series Picks and Predictions

World Series Picks and Predictions

The Los Angeles Angels shared baseball’s best record and won the ALCS in seven games. The Atlanta Braves were the National League’s best and advanced to the World Series after a seven game NLCS.

With the series starting Tuesday in Southern California, I asked league experts to give their predictions: World Series winner, how many games and MVP.

Here’s a breakdown of their answers along with some more insights on why some of them made their picks.

World Series Winner

Just under 50% of experts pick the Braves to win the World Series

Angels: 10 votes

Angels in 7 (4 votes)
Angels in 6 (2 votes)
Angels in 5 (2 votes)
Angels win, but not sure in how many games (2 votes)

Braves: 8 votes

Braves in 7 (2 votes)
Braves in 6 (3 votes)
Braves in 5 (1 vote)
Braves win, but not sure in how many games (2 votes)

Reasons why the World Series will be won a certain way:

“Angels in 5. I think they have better pitching, equal or slightly better hitting and a deeper and more consistent pen. Also AL>>>>” – Anonymous AL GM

“Angels in 7. I think the Angels win because offense beats pitching, and the Angels have boatloads of it. I expect a high scoring series.” – Anonymous AL GM

“Braves in 7. I think their great pitching and defense will just be able to conquer the Angels’ powerhouse offense” – Anonymous NL GM

“Braves in 5. Outside of Ryan Copeland the Angels have no other pitcher in the rotation they can trust. The Braves will be able to beat Copeland once and win every game not started by Copeland. The starting pitching advantage is just too much.” – Anonymous AL GM

“Angels in 6. The bottom of the order for the Angels produced big numbers in their series against Seattle, it makes potentially the deepest lineup even deeper. They could face some trouble playing in an NL-park, but they are capable of big numbers in any and every game.” – Anonymous NL GM

“Braves in 6. The ability of Armando Cabanas to hit left-handed pitching will be key. As good as he is, I think he will be able the difference maker against the various left-handed relievers the Angels throw against him.” – Anonymous AL GM

Most Valuable Player

The Angels game 1 starter Ryan Copeland is a popular MVP pick.

Armando Cabanas (3 votes)
Ryan Copeland (3 votes)
Nomar Mazara (3 votes)
Hideki Abe (2 votes)
Trevor Bauer (2 votes)
Kaleb Cowart (2 votes)
Charles Cutler (1 vote)
Dennis Moore (1 vote)
Daniel Paolini (1 vote)


Armando Cabanas

  • “He will give Angel pitching fits all series long. One of the best players in the league will show what he’s made of on the biggest stage.”
  • “Four homers in his first 11 games of the postseason. I expect to see his average rise in this series.”

Ryan Copeland

  • “He’s coming off of an impressive season and a dominant ALCS. He should get the ball two, potentially three times. Two wins and I could see him being the MVP.”

Nomar Mazara

  • “To me the MVP comes down to Cabanas and Mazara. Ultimately, I think the Angels win the World Series, so I think their best player (Mazara) will be the one lifting the MVP trophy.”
  • “With the Angels lineup likely to lose a key piece in an NL park, I think more pressure falls onto the shoulders of Mazara. The AL batting champ will come through.”

Hideki Abe

  • “Abe must get on-base in front of the heart of the Braves order all series for the Braves to win. I think he will find a way to get on and then will test the arm of Charles Cutler on the basepaths. Speed kills…”

Kaleb Cowart

  • “He was too good all season long to continue struggling here in the playoffs.”
  • “Hitting behind Paolini/Mazara and in front of Ohayashi/Pujols puts Cowart in the perfect spot of the more dangerous of the two lineups. In order to be World Series MVP you need opportunity, Cowart will have plenty of that in this series.”

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