Yankees/Mariners Agree To Terms On Blockbuster Trade

Yankees, Mariners Agree to Swap

News broke late on Sunday night that the New York Yankees were looking to begin an overhaul of their roster.  After reaching out to teams across the league, the Seattle Mariners quickly emerged as a trading partner.  The two teams went back and forth with names from each organization before settling upon a trade that few saw coming hours prior.

The two teams agreed on a trade that would send 27-year-old LF Bob Carlisle and 29-year-old SS Arinori Arai to Seattle in exchange for Mariners 2B Chad Scott and prospects LHP Héctor Hernández, RHP Tim Barnes, SS Randall Walker, and the league’s #3 overall prospect RHP Kyle Cody.

The Mariners acquire a pair of players that are as talented as any at their respective position.  For a team that currently ranks in the bottom third of AL teams in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and runs scored, adding Carlisle and Arai to the lineup should help things tremendously.  With a rotation the league’s top pitching staff, fortifying the lineup gives the Mariners a better chance to chase down the Angels in the West.  Even if they fall short of that, the Mariners have greatly increased as a threat to any team moving forward.

After starting 19-5 in April, the Yankees have finished May and June at 25-30.  Now looking up at the Orioles and in bunched tightly with the Rays and Blue Jays, the Yankees decided now was the time to begin looking forward to the future.   In trading two players entering their second year of arbitration, the Yankees will free up their flexibility to be big time free-agent spenders.  The biggest asset acquired in the trade for the Yankees though is no doubt in the form of right-hander Kyle Cody.  Cody, in 18 GS at the AA/AAA level this year has struck out 145 and walked just 27.  His stuff is among the best of any young pitcher in the minor leagues.