MLB Pro – A Move To StatsPlus

It’s been a busy few days around MLB Pro.

After a lengthy tenure at GM Games, MLB Pro is moving on to being hosted by StatsPlus. Chris at GM Games was a terrific host, who served as a great asset to MLB Pro. Chris is allowing us to continue to use our old message board, something I appreciate greatly.

When it ultimately came to finding a new home, the decision was pretty easy to make. Dave and StatsPlus have become a standard in the OOTP Community. MLB Pro was happy to join his network and add the StatsPlus web-tools to our league.

With the move to StatsPlus, if you have not yet, you will need to download the latest settings file, it can be downloaded here. You can confirm your exports are working here.

Additionally, you will need to register for StatsPlus. Login via any of the available options. Once logged in, please PM Matt and he will link your account to your team. For those unfamiliar with the platform, think StatsLab on steroids.

We will continue to have our normal OOTP league reports as well.

Our league home page will continue to be worked on here in the coming days. It is being built from the ground up.

As far as our sim schedule goes, with everyone getting set up with the new settings file and what not, we will not pick up simming until Tuesday. I will push back both the in-game arbitration date and free-agent filing date. I will have more info on this here in the next 24-48 hours.

If there are any questions about the move, any suggestions on anything site related, just let me know.

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