Billy Beane’s Top 30 Amateurs

Hello fellow MLB Pro General Managers! With the draft nearing completion, due to popular demand (OK, only a couple of people asked), see below for the top 30 MLB Pro draft prospects according to Seattle Mariners Scouting Director Billy Beane. A “perfect grade” according to Beane is 400, so the grades below reflect ratings and weights towards his scouting preferences, and probably differ from yours. Keep that in mind that it’s only one scout’s opinion, and if you have any complaints, please direct them towards Brenton Heffernan.

A couple of insights on the top 30:

  • Very top heavy with starting pitching
    • 7 of the top 10 players are projected to be starting pitchers
  • Majority of positional players were outfielders
    • 12 of the top 30 project to be outfielders
  • Nine teams have landed 2 prospects from the top 30 (in alphabetical order) so congrats (?) to these teams: 
    • Atlanta Braves
    • Chicago White Sox
    • Cleveland Indians
    • San Diego Padres
    • San Francisco Giants
    • Seattle Mariners
    • St. Louis Cardinals
    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • Texas Rangers

Without any further adieu, let’s get to the Top 30! 

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