All-Star Voting, IFA, and More

From the League Office

  1. All-Star voting: The 2020 All-Star game in Los Angeles at historic Dodger Stadium is a little more than a month away. All-Star game voting will begin in Stats+ following Sunday night’s sim. Being our first season in Stats+, while i have tested and looked at our All-Star ballot settings, it is possible come Sunday night they are a bit wonky, if anything appears weird at that time, let me know. I think we’re good to go though.
  2. The 2020 International Free-Agency Class/Period: As you might have noticed, the IFA period began in-game tonight. That said, the class is not ready. Unlike the amateur draft, OOTP does not allow this to be worked on ahead of time. The next few weeks will be spent adding players to this class. The current plan is to have this open up around July 1. Part of me is considering delaying it a month in order to get as much accurate information as possible on those being included. Either way, 2019 signings will be allowed to be traded on July 1. Once the 2020 IFA class is completed, the league will be notified, and a few days will be given to prepare plans.
  3. Mid-Season Survey: As we near the half-way mark on 2020, I suppose it would be the prudent thing to look ahead to 2021. The 2020 mid-season survey can be found here and is again your chance to share any thoughts on the present or future of the league.

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