Podcast/Happy Hour “Tip Line”

MLB Pro Happy Hour and Three Slurred Minutes have been churning out content this season and Brenton and the Anonymous GM have come up with another way to contribute and follow along to material.

The MLB Pro “Tip Line” will be a place where you can submit any ideas, topics, rumors, suggestions and have it automatically added to a rolling list for use in a future Happy Hour, Three Slurred Minutes, or article, podcast, video, audio, etc. created by anyone else.

Both Brenton and the Anonymous GM will continue to be happy to field an PM’s on Slack with material as well. They will continue to try and give notice to any upcoming episodes to get those who want to join a chance to do so.

As was suggested recently, feel free to submit audio or video clips (comments/questions) to the Anonymous GM for use in content if you are able to make any live recordings.

If there are any further ideas for content of any kind, feel free to reach out via PM.


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