Off-Season Notice & Reminders

The start of the 2020-2021 off-season is now less than two weeks away. With that, I wanted to offer a few brief points to the league:

  1. We enter the off-season with commitments from all 30 GM’s. Simply put, “welcome back” to everyone.
  2. Related to #1 in a way, once we hit the off-season, the export tracker will be reset. Your 2020 performance will be kept noted and recorded. While there will always be the understanding that this past season and this year as a whole is just different with all that is going on. I ask that this off-season you take note of your exporting and presence in chat. No official requirements or anything, but just know inactivity at times does not just draw concern from me, but from your fellow GM’s as well.
  3. Award Voting is now open in StatsLab. It can be found here.
  4. We are still under the coach hiring and trade freeze. I do not have official dates on either as of now. I’ll have a post in chat and on the site once those are lifted.
  5. Related to trades…
    • Players not under contract are not eligible to be traded prior to the start of free-agency.
    • Players who will have arbitration hearings scheduled and who sign a 1-year extension between the start of the off-season and prior to those hearings may be traded immediately. These extensions are viewed as arbitration settlements, any other types of extensions invoke the no-trading rules in place.
  6. Another reminder on the upcoming Qualifying Offer FA Compensation rules that are in place beginning this free-agency cycle. It can be viewed here.

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