Meet The New D-backs GM. Same As The Old D-backs GM (Almost).

When I joined this league in 2014, I did so under my birth name. Since then, following decades of denial, I have come to terms with being a transgender woman and legally changed my first and middle names. In recent years I have come out at work, to friends/relatives, and in my day-to-day life … pretty much everywhere, except for the name I see every time I log in to the sim.

So, from now on, my name is Kimberly (pronouns: she/her).

[Artist’s rendition]

I know that this change doesn’t have a direct effect upon the league, other than how you refer to me. The only tangible effect is that my name will be changed in the league files so that I don’t keep seeing my old name. You can also still call me Vet as a nickname since that is still my email.

Now, if you have any questions … please feel free to ask. Note that my experience as a trans-person is likely different from other trans-people because we’re all unique individuals.

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