Exporting Announcement

Exporting was brought up in a casual manner back during the Winter Meetings. At the time, the off-season was sandwiched around the holidays. As I said then, I understand that OOTP/MLB Pro can take a backseat during that time. Additionally, our off-season remains unique in that it does take quite a bit of time. There are teams without much financial room or without much roster flexibility and that can lead to teams not exporting. Being in Slack is not a required thing, it obviously is nice whenever you are there, but it also plays a role in exporting. The more present you are in Slack, the easier it is for not just myself, but for your others to see you staying active. Not being around Slack AND not exporting can lead to questions about your longterm desires to remain in MLB Pro.

Here are exporting requests/guidelines for the 2021 season:

  • Beginning on February 1, at the start of each month, the export tracker in Stats+ will be cleared to show just the current month. Monthly totals will be collected and recorded here.
  • I think it is fair to ask beginning February 1 through the end of the season (we can discuss off-season activity at a later point), that everyone exports at a clip of AT LEAST 25% per month. This is roughly twice a week.
    • (Not all 25%’s are created equal…)
    • If this becomes a problem that I see OR if I am notified by someone about your exports/not responding to Slack AND if I agree with those assessments by others, I will issue a warning.
  • In addition to the 25% monthly clip, please try and avoid the lengthy absences. Again, stuff comes up, I get it, I understand it, and if it happens once or twice, sure, but more than that, please try and let us know when you will not be around.
  • Moving forward, to be eligible for a “Competitive Balance Draft Pick”, you will need to both:
    • Export at a clip of 50% or better FOR THE SEASON
    • Export at a clip of 33% or better FOR EACH MONTH FEBRUARY-OCTOBER.
    • Avoid being notified about your exports being a concern.
  • Failure to meet exporting guidelines will lead to review.

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