’21 Rule 5 Draft & ’22 Winter Meetings

League Office Updates League Schedule

League Office Confirms Dates For Rule 5 Draft and Winter Meetings

November 30, 2021

The 2021 MLB Pro Rule 5 Draft will take place on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16TH IN SLACK.

The last day to add players to your 40-man roster** (FA who sign a contract during this brief window SHOULD be added to the 40-man, but only these players) will be at sim time on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12TH. No trades will be processed on the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday sim. If a player is added to the 40-man roster between the Sunday and Thursday, they will remain selectable and will not come with Rule 5 roster constraints. There are plenty of sim opportunities to get your 40-man roster protections done between now and the 12th. Please double-check any roster changes you make over this time period to confirm the changes you make are indeed made properly!

To simplify who is and is not eligible for the draft, we will return to the following simplified rules:

  • If a player is listed in-game as eligible and…
    • They are at least 22 year of age or older. Anyone under 22 years of age on draft day is not eligible.
    • They were not recently signed as a FA and have yet to be added to the 40-man roster, this should be obvious for all to spot. Players who sign a big-league contract during the brief window are to be added to the 40-man roster.

Drafting a player will cost $50,000 cash
A team will earn $50,000 in cash for each player lost in the draft.


1) Chicago (AL)
2) Chicago (NL)
3) Detroit
4) Oakland
5) San Francisco
6) Cincinnati
7) New York (AL)
8) Baltimore
9) New York (NL)
10) Tampa Bay
11) Texas
12) Philadelphia
13) Miami
14) Kansas City
15) San Diego
16) Boston
17) Los Angeles (NL)
18) Cleveland
19) Washington
20) Atlanta
21) Colorado
22) St. Louis
23) Milwaukee
24) Toronto
25) Houston
26) Pittsburgh
27) Arizona
28) Minnesota
29) Los Angeles (AL)
30) Seattle

2022 Winter Meetings

The 2022 MLB Pro Winter Meetings will take place in-game from January 4-6.

In addition to the in-game activities that come with the Winter Meetings, we will likely have our annual player auction (assuming interest remains). More details on the Winter Meetings will come as we get closer. If you have additional ideas or things you would like to see happen during this time, let me know!

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