Opening Day 2022 — Message From The Commissioner

March 31, 2022

Opening Day is upon us! Year #11 in the MLB Pro universe is ready to begin. Optimism abound for organizations around the league as action gets ready to begin.

With Opening Day comes an MLB Pro tradition…

After ten years, MLB Pro keeps on ticking. We’ve had our ups and downs, our obstacles, our fair share of things to overcome, yet here we are. Our continued path forward is a testament to those that have been here from the start and those that have joined us since. You each continue to offer support and commitment to the league. Whether in Slack, or with exports, or with any task that gets thrown your way, each of you continues to be an integral part to the league and for that I simply cannot say thank you enough.

To those in the American League East, good luck to you all. Mitch, the injury bug has hit and hit hard, but if anyone can fight through it, it’s your Jays. You do not win 90+ games four years in a row without a stable leader. Brett, a 19 game improvement from 2020 to 2021 has the Sox headed in the right direction. Sawyer Cleveland’s injury was a shame last season, I look forward to seeing what he can do. Drew and Rhett, you guys fought hard last year despite struggles on the field. Baltimore’s young talent is at the MLB level and it is going to be exciting to watch. The Yankees offense will continue to be explosive and always a pain to face. John, a simple welcome back. We are all thrilled to have you back.

To those in the American League Central, good luck to you all. Rocky, four division titles in five years, a staple of long held success in MLB Pro. Ayden might be in the NL, but I know you continue to hold a desire to beat everyone within the division. Rob, year #4 for you. Improvements each year running, the fans of the Royals remain excited for the future. Jim, the Tigers have come a long ways from the 51 wins of 2019. From an organization that was a mess when you took over to where things are now have been fun to watch. I am happy to listen to “this draft class sucks” from you with all the time and energy you give MLB Pro. Jonathan, I know it was a disappoint 2021, but think of the 22 win improvement you made from ’19 t0 ’20, I know there’s hope this season. You’ve done it before…Andrew, welcome to your first MLB Pro Opening Day! It’s been a long off-season without money to spend, yet here you are. You pushed through the off-season and I hope this first season is a whole lot of fun for you.

To those in the American League West, good luck to you all. Matt, your patience has been a marvel over the years. Now look at where the Astros stand. They will be a force this year and for many years to come. Scott, your venture from Cincy to Oakland remains one crazy, crazy, crazy move…but it’s always fun to have you in the division. Another person always helping others out, always joining in on podcasts, thank you. Paul, you were around for much of 2021, but 2022 marks your first complete year back. It’s been a pleasure to have you back with us. Enjoy that beer on Opening Day during your game!

To those in the National League East, good luck to you all. Bruce, from 107 in 2020 to 70 in 2021, yet, the Mets remain a team many fear. The reshaping began with the Josh Wilcox & Tim Lincecum trades and Mets fans are excited to see what you can do. Tony, your late season run fell just short. Like Bruce, it’s been active off-season, I know the Nats will make nothing easy on the rest of the NL East. Jerry, the youth movement continues in Philly. Now I look at that lineup and see something that could be as potent as any 1 through 7. Josh, Miami is thrilled to have you. You learned under Jim (maybe by learning what not to do?) and it will be exciting to see you make the Marlins your own. I would like to also thank Ryan for his decision. MLB Pro will always have a spot for Ryan in the future.

To those in the National League Central, good luck to you all. Last year’s three-team race was a joy to watch. Greg, time has flown by, already in year 4! MLB Pro is thrilled to have you running a team that is not easy to run. Cole, the Brewers narrowly missed out on the division, but stepping back and realizing you have gone from 56 to 73 to 93 wins in the short time span that you have done so is something special. Ayden, welcome to St. Louis. Ryan helped facilitate that move and I know Cardinal nation is excited for what you can do. Cardinals/Twins World Series, now that would be MLB Pro magic. Holy Jabs! The early season dedication has been marvelous. Really, the entire off-season, it’s always a blast to see you in Slack. Good things ahead on that 162/162 lineup quest. Jason, injuries have not been your friend in Cincinnati, yet there you are exporting at 90+% month after month. The going might get tough, but you’re always pushing through.

To those in the National League West, good luck to you all. The NL West has a fresh look to it and I cannot wait to see how things play out. Kimberly, 94+ wins in back to back years, another think back to situation in Arizona. From Josh Beckett’s final season to where things stand now, job well done. Sam, enjoy Juan Soto, fun things ahead in LA. Some new pieces alongside and the Dodgers are a very interesting team to watch this season. Sean, the Padres pitching staff is going to be another fun thing to watch. Loaded with young talent, the Padres could be on the rise. John, the Giants are in good hands. You built up the Rays and I know you will do the same with time in San Francisco. Carsen, you too made it through your first full off-season, let the games begin. After previous steady ownership, I am confident Colorado will continue to be run well under your leadership.

To Brenton, thank you and good luck. It wasn’t so long ago you tore apart a team that made a World Series. Not long after you were trading 2 players for 10+…there was a 58 win season in 2020, then it all came together and you won 90 last year. Add in a couple of Angels to the mix this year and perhaps you stand as the NL favorite. Beyond the field, I cannot thank you enough for your dedication last season. Between “Last Night, This Morning”, Happy Hour’s, or any other podcast medium you had fun with, it was an absolutely amazing addition to the league. You work flawlessly with any of your co-hosts, whether it be Anonymous, Jim, Scott, Eddie, and so on. I know you took a deep breath on things over the off-season, but even over the last 24 hours, its been fun to see what appears to be the excitement for MLB Pro back at its highest level.

To Soze, thank you and (I guess) good luck. Between MLB Pro, CJBL, Pac-12 battles between our teams, or now One-And-Done, competing with and alongside you is as good as it gets. The defending champion Seattle Mariners, it does have a nice ring to it – just don’t go passing out WS rings when I’m in town! I likely never take things over from Andrew had you not been committed to helping things along the way. Season after season, you’ve been there to help. I know I can always count on you for anything. There are not enough thank you’s that can be said for all of the help that you are.

Happy Opening Day and good luck to everyone in 2022!


[Additionally, thank you to the like of the three Ryan’s + Eddie. While no longer here in MLB Pro, each were instrumental parts of the league for extended periods of time. They helped shape and improve the league. Each left on their own accord and in good standing with the league. Thank you to them!]

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