Milestone Blast For Sanchez

Homer #300 for New York’s Sanchez
Tuesday, May 24th , 2022
New York Yankees slugging catcher Gary Sanchez swatted his way to the 300 home run mark today as the Yankees fell to the Baltimore 7-5.

For his part, Sanchez chipped in 2 runs batted in, scored 3 runs and collected 3 hits in 4 at-bats, but it was not enough to turn the tide.

“It was a special day for Gary,” the team publicist said afterward. “He was disappointed at the result, but everyone was all smiles as he crossed home plate. We’re proud of him.”

Checking out his career figures, Sanchez has played in 1223 games with a .258 batting average. Among his 1214 hits are 301 home runs. He also has scored 659 runs, stolen 15 bases and driven in 791 runs.

Sanchez joins Gincarlo Stanton and Arinori Arai in the 300 Home Run Club.

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