Update: Wording of Early Off-Season Extensions

Last weekend I posted the following message in Slack

August-October Look Ahead

Personnel: Continue to hire/fire away at your pleasure. A hiring freeze will likely begin September 1. At that point, hold off on hiring/firing as more personnel are added. The freeze will be lifted after the off-season begins.

Arbitration Settlement: A reminder that those one-year arbitration avoidance extensions/still able to be traded do not begin until the off-season begins.

FA: A reminder that players who are set to become free agents at the end of the season are not eligible for an extension between the start of the off-season and the FA filing date. If they are out of a contract at the start of the off-season they are also not tradable.

Roll Call/Ideas for the future: Likely will begin in September

Exporting: Still tracked, still matters

Slack Message from August 7

Upon posting I had a couple of questions and concerns presented to me regarding the FA point on extensions at the start of the off-season through the free-agent filing date.

After reviewing points that were made, I am going to allow extensions of free-agents to be during this brief period. While this will be allowed here in 2022, it will be very closely monitored by the League Office. If it appears there to be abuse of OOTP with this or if I feel the change is an improvement but with a clearer and more advanced time warning, I will have a rule change ready for the following off-season. One such idea floating in my head presently is to not allow those players with high greed to be extended during that short period of time, but for now, that is just a thought.

One thing that does not change: those players out of contract and headed to free-agency cannot be traded during this time.

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