2024 IFA Showcase & Signing Period

Tonight’s sim will include the opening of the in-game IFA pool.

As always, over the next week or two, I will be adding to the class. OOTP 24 handles IFA a bit different than past OOTP’s. On the first of each month leading up to the signing period officially opening up (June 1, July 1, August 1, potentially September 1), you will need to build relationships with IFA’s by inviting them to your complex. You can invite 8 IFA’s per period to your complex. Building a relationship aids in your ability to sign players.

This comes from the OOTP manual on the topic:

International Scouting and Budget Trading

Before signing begins users can have their scouting directors invite and scout players they deem interesting. These invitational practices can be accessed by going to the scouting tab and then navigating to the Scouting>International sub-section.

On this page, you can use your practices to run invitees through to learn more about their abilities and gain loyalty with them. You can invite 10 players [We will be using 8] at one time and you can run the practices monthly. If you do not run the practices manually your scouting director will automatically invite players and run practices. The relationship or loyalty you earn with players will make them more likely to sign with your organization even if they’ve received a similar offer from another team. However, be aware that other organizations will be building relationships with players as well.

I will be happy to explain this in greater detail and with more exact OOTP in-game process language next week. The signing period opening up is a bit TBD on my end at the moment. Trying to decide between first week of August and first week of September.

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