Schedule Update

The League Office has updates on the following:

  • The 2024 MLB Pro draft will take place in-game on Friday, July 12.
    • As of typing this, we are currently on pick #15 of the 13th round round. With the Fourth of July being this week and people potentially going away, I will not be shortening the draft clock this week at all.
    • Depending on where we are on Thursday, July 11, there likely will be a cut in the timer. In addition, I will be posting in the #league-announcement channel a message about being placed on auto. Please respond if you do not want to be placed on auto pick beginning on July 11th. Any team that does not reply to that message, will be placed on auto at that point in time.
  • The 2024 MLB Pro trade deadline will take be for 4 PM PACIFIC TIME on Thursday, August 1.
  • Regarding the IFA signing period, currently leaning towards this opening on Tuesday, September 3. While the draft and trade deadline are set in stone, this one is slightly up in the air. In-game I have it set for August, but pushing it to September allows for another round of IFA invites + gives more to do for those outside of playoff spots.

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