2022-2023 Rule Changes

Following the completion of the 2022 season, the following rule changes have been approved and will be implemented:

  1. The designated hitter will be used in both the American and National League.
  2. The MLB Pro minimum salary will be raised to $750,000. This will be in place through at minimum the 2026 season.
  3. MLB Pro will use the “three-batter minimum/end an inning” rule for relief pitchers.
  4. Beginning with the 2024 MLB Pro draft, the following system will be used to determine draft order
    • The first six picks of the first round would be decided by a draft lottery.
      • Draft Odds can be seen in the chart below.
      • Conducted at Winter Meetings
        • Using /roll Slack command of a 1,000 sided dice. Picks will be assigned 1 to 6.
          • Roll with correspond with a randomly assigned number on this Google Sheet
    • Picks 7-18 will be non-playoff teams from worst record to best record (think current draft order in-game).
    • Picks 19-30 will be determined by the playoffs.
      • 19-22: Losers of the Wild Card Round (Worst record to best record)
      • 23-26: Losers of the LDS (Worst record to best record)
      • 27-28: Losers of the LCS (Worst record to best record)
      • 29: World Series Loser
      • 30: World Series Champion
    • In rounds 2-20…
      • Picks 1-18 will be worst record to best record of non-playoff teams
      • Picks 19-30 will remain in the same order they were for round 1.