MLB Pro Images


Download Logos, Ballcaps, and Jerseys here. OOTP 22 appears to allow everyone to generate their own player pictures rather than uploading that huge folder.

How to install….

Close OOTP

Copy and paste the “ballcaps” and “jerseys” folder into your mlbpro.lg folder. These two folders DO NOT GO within any other directory.

Cope and paste the “team_logos” folder into the mlbpro.lg -> news -> html -> images folder. You can overwrite any previous team_logos folder already within the folder.

Open OOTP/MLB Pro file and you should be good to go!

If you run into a situation where old images are still showing up, return to your mlbpro.lg -> news -> html -> images folder. Find the person_pictures and profile_pictures folders. Open both of them, then delete the files within. I was starting with blank folders when testing this out. There’s a chance already having created player pictures in these folders MIGHT (not sure) not have OOTP create new folders with the updated ballcaps/jerseys/logos.