I just joined MLB Pro, now what?

  1. Download the league file which can be found be here.
  2. Unzip the above file which should create an mlbpro.lg folder. Move that folder into your OOTP 20, Saved Game Folder.
  3. Download the settings file which can be found here.
  4. Create a settings folder within the mlbpro.lg folder.
  5. Move the downloaded settings file into the newly created Settings folder.
  6. Download the MLB Pro custom injury files which can be found here.
  7. Place the injuries.txt and off_field_injuries.txt files into the mlbpro.lg folder. They do not go in any subfolder.
  8. Sign up for Stats+
  9. Make sure you are invited to the Slack channel.
  10. Take a step back and breathe. MLB Pro has been around since 2012. You have joined a slow paced league, that sims one day, every day. Get a feel for the league before doing anything.

How do I find where the league folder goes? (MAC Edition)

Open OOTP and click settings at the bottom of screen.
Next click the Troubleshooting option and then “Open Folder Containing Saved Games”
A window should pop-up, this is the folder where the mlbpro.lg folder goes.

What is the best process for trading players?

  1. Patience
    • Again, the pace of MLB Pro is by and large quite different than most OOTP leagues. Whereas a league that sims a week at a time, three times a week can cover upwards 80+ days a month and a season in two months, etc…etc. MLB Pro sims one day at a time, both during the season and in the off-season. Fully understand that you have time to be patient and search for deals.
  2. Advertising availability
    • There are numerous options and avenues to make it known you are seeking trade offers. Whether it’s the Slack Trade Block channel or general chat, the website’s message board and front-page (if you ever want to post something there, just let Matt know via Slack), as well as using the league’s @annonymous_gm in Slack.

-When do player development & scouting budgets lock?

Both player development and scouting budgets lock at the start of Spring Training.

-When do ticket prices lock? Can they be changed in-season?

These lock at the start of the Winter Meetings and stay locked through Opening Day, this is for season tickets to be sold. Once the season begins, ticket prices CAN be changed.