The ALL West Teams

ALL AL West Team

PositionPlayerStat Line
CatcherRon Winterhaulder, Hou.285/.332/15/81
1st BaseArialdi Peguero, TEX.270/.360/33/102
2nd BaseDaniel Paolini, LAA.289/.376/17/85
3rd BaseEvan Longoria, SEA.265/.398/24/95
ShortstopManny Machado, SEA.302/.395/28/119
Left FieldJose Gonzalez, HOU.325/.379/26/96
Center FieldMike Trout, LAA.309/.387/17/78
Right FieldArmando Cabannas, SEA.314/.385/30/105
DHEdgardo Arredondo, HOU.258/.309/38/109


Oakland gets shut out on the offensive side of the field, despite having some solid options. Peguero and Arredondo are one-trick ponies, but they MASH the ball. Longo, Trout, J-Gon, Cabannas can all get on base and put one in the seats with equal frequency, and Paolini/Winterhalder are both all-stars this year. This squad would annihilate most other all-star groups. Couple it with the rotation below, and it’s hard to think of a deeper division….. shocking I know.

1Ryan Copeland, LAA
2Danny Hultzen, SEA
3Walker Buehler, OAK
4Lucas Giolito, OAK
5James Kapriellian, TEX

ALL NL West Team

PositionPlayerState Line
CatcherJed Mckinley, COL.343/.418/24/89
1st BaseChris Fletcher, LAD.285/.345/18/78
2nd BaseJuan Morin, ARI.267/.323/12/49
3rd BaseTravis Shaw, SF.275/.343/22/89
Short Stop Jurickson Profar, LAD .293/.356/21/87
Left FieldRich Dixon, ARI.275/.324/30/97
Center FieldHideki Abe, COL.280/.332/13/57
Right FieldSteve Winter, COL.320/.398/25/97

Strong, but built more on OBP and defense than their AL neighbors. Shaw and Profar can provide some pop, Dixon and Winter should hit some dingers as well, but the AL squad has 3 players projecting above 30 HR, while the NL has 1, and it’s a stretch.

1.Scott Clark, ARI
2.Miguel Pineda, COL
3.Zac Grienke, SF
4.Michael Matuella, SD
5.Bill Hauk, ARI

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