Off-Season Schedule + Announcement

The following dates are now in-place for key off-season events. They are subject to change if need be, but for now will be what we go with:

  • The trade freeze will be lifted following the sim on Wednesday, October 28th.
  • The coach hiring freeze will be lifted following the sim on Sunday, November 1.
  • Award voting (which can be found here) is due by sim time on Sunday, November 1.
  • Arbitration and Qualifying Offers are due with your exports on Thursday, November 12.
  • Arbitration and Qualifying Offer Results come out in-game on Friday, November 13th.
  • You will have the Friday the 13th through the 15th to prepare for free-agency.
  • Players will file for free-agency during the sim on November 15th.
  • Free-Agency begins on Monday, November 16h.
  • The Winter Meetings (Location TBD) will take place in-game Monday, December 14th – Thursday, December 17th.
  • The Rule 5 Draft is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 17.
  • Due to travel restrictions the 2020 Winter Developmental League appears that it will be postponed until 2021. In its place, the League Office and Players Association is looking into and working on hosting a World Baseball Classic type event at a point that could take place in December/January. (Likely looking at an eight-team event, if potentially interested in running a team, let me know. More details to come.)

After Saturday night’s sim, a combination of many things here and unrelated to the league got the best of me. In the heat of the moment, without giving things enough thought, I decided that I would stop managing a team/the Angels and just run the league. The next 24 hours have been eventful. I sat back, I gave things more thought, I talked with Soze who has been there helping me with the league more than he ever realizes, I read messages and opinions of others.

While it’s a flip-flop of actions, I have decided that I will in fact remain the GM of the Angels.

I understand that there might be a select few who are disappointed by this news. All I can say for the time being is, I’m sorry for that.

As I said in my initial thoughts yesterday, I really run this league with the hope of keeping it a premier destination for people to compete and enjoy themselves within a community of fellow GM’s that can last with no end in sight. I hope my decision to retain a spot as a GM does not change that for you.

Now, if concerns are there. If this is a problem for you. If this is something you would like to discuss further. I would like to make two comments. The first being, I really hope by now everyone can understand that I hold no hidden agenda or hold any grudges when it comes to opinions. YOU WILL NEVER BE KICKED OUT for voicing an opinion. Now if you still would prefer not to bring these to me, you can go to Soze. If you still feel Soze is too far involved as my right-hand man, I suggest you go to Brenton via PM. I say this because I think it’s clear at this point between league chat (which Brenton and I have discussed and let it be COMPLETELY CLEAR, I have no problem’s AT ALL with Brenton expressing any of his opinions in any way!) and his podcasting opinions/freedoms, he is an ideal person for you to go to. Now if the opinions of what I have been told is for now a few, continues to grow louder and louder with issues, I am happy to listen, discuss, reassess, do whatever it takes to work with those here.

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