Personnel Hiring Freeze 2021

From the League Office

The 2021 hiring freeze will begin on September 1. At that point, teams will no longer able to sign any free-agent personnel until a date TBD following the conclusion of the World Series. This covers all league levels. If it is found that a team signs a personnel member between now and then, the personnel will be released and the team will be forced to pay the contract.

I will be adding new managers, pitching coaches, hitting coaches, trainers, GM’s into the file over this couple month period. You will have additional options to select from come OOTP 22. In addition, each team will need to fill a first and third base coach role in OOTP 22.

[Note: I will have a league file from that day which includes all existing personnel offers, the current offers in-place are not included in the ban. If they sign, nothing to worry about. As always, new personnel will slowly be added to the free-agent pool over the next two months.]

Unrelated to the above, but another general reminder on the following points:

  • September is the time to again reach out if you have any desires to switch teams.
  • If you have not already, give more thought to your stadium park factors for 2022 and respond to that PM.

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