Changes Coming To COL & STL

via the St. Louis Cardinals Office of the General Manager

“I (Ryan) will be stepping away from my duties as General Manager at the conclusion of the Cardinals season. It’s been a fun ride but it’s ultimately time to leave.”

After taking over in 2012, the Cardinals have gone 847-732 in Ryan’s tenure as GM (additionally, Ryan was 21-9 in the NPB with Chiba), which included five NL Central titles, three trips to the NLCS, and one World Series appearance.

Note from the League Office: This is another decision that was made before the end of the season which included plenty of notification behind it. The Cardinals still have the makeup game to be played on Monday and then will be entering the playoffs with a Wild Card matchup in Milwaukee on Thursday. Ryan is sticking around until the Cardinals are eliminated. At that point he will be departing. Ryan is someone who came up through the original NPB and has been a member of MLB Pro since 2021. Thank you to Ryan for his longevity as a core member of MLB Pro.

via the Colorado Rockies

“We want to thank our General Manager Eddie for all that he did to help build up the Colorado Rockies. Eddie  took over at a tumultuous time here and provided stability. After a lengthy process of back and forth negotiations, we were unable to come to terms on an extension. Eddie will be moving on from the organization and will be pursuing opportunities outside of baseball.”

Eddie’s Rockies went 343-286 during his four seasons in charge. As a franchise the Rockies averaged just 76 wins per season prior to his tenure in charge, before seeing an increase of 12 wins per season over the last four seasons. This has included a World Series appearance in 2019 and an additional NLCS appearance in 2020.

The Colorado Rockies are open.

Note from the League Office: This was not a reaction to the Rockies missing the playoffs. This had been in the works for a period of time. Eddie kept me in the loop the entire time, while also maintaining a 100% export rate for the second season in a row. Eddie asked to be removed from Slack and that was granted. He leaves in terrific standing in my eyes and if he ever wants back, I see no reason as to why that would not be given. I do not know if that will ever happen, but it’s a possibility from the league’s side of things. Thank you Eddie. (His brother Ryan remains in the league, so the connection to Eddie remains there.)

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