Personnel Offers From Manager

Over the last week or so, it has become clear that there are numerous teams experiencing having offers being made to personnel that they did not in fact make themselves. As far as I can tell, this is a product of having your manager making offers for his staff.

In-game, check your manager’s profile and in the upper-right you will see game strategy and certain aspects of things that your manager wants to control. While we have legacy mode turned on and while you might see yourself in control in the manager options screen, from what I gather the manager still wins.

Upon further investigating of the situation, here are some things that I have learned:

It appears as though this was initially a design decision by OOTP. Why did they make this change? I have no idea.

While that was initially their plan (again, according to others at least), I think there is a chance that this was changed with the latest OOTP patch (22.10.79). That of course being said, I buy my version through the Mac App Store which still a month later does not have this version of the update.

I have reached out to both Matt & Lukas of OOTP trying to figure out if the fix described in the patch is indeed what we are dealing with AND if they have any idea when the patch might be available via the App Store. Typically, they do not know when, it’s an Apple process that is out of their control. USUALLY, it doesn’t lag this much.

So….what does this all mean and what can be done? As far as I can tell, there are a few different paths available at the moment:

  • We continue as is. We have dealt with things before legacy mode was ever a thing. I can think back and I believe Desi Wilson once lost his job because of wanting to control lineups. It is not something that one GM is dealing with, it is at play for anyone with a manager who wants some control.
  • One possible solution (I THINK), we edit managers from current job to FA. Fill other parts of staff, then edit manager back to current position.
    • 1) I don’t know if managers fire staff they don’t like.
    • 2) This could allow time for the patch to become available to me.

If there are other ideas, let them be known to me. I’m happy to try and work with others on finding a solution, but for the time being, I do not see anything else that can be done. There are no other in-game options for me to turn on/off in this situation.

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