2023 MLB Pro Draft Announcement

2023 MLB Pro Draft
April 19, 2023
Statement By The MLB Pro League Office

The 2023 MLB Pro Draft will begin on Tuesday, May 9.
The goal is to have the draft finished and input into the game on Friday, July 7. Rookie Leagues begin the following week giving everyone the weekend to get squared away.

The opening three rounds will have the draft timer set to 12 hours running from 6:00 AM Pacific Time through 7:00 PM Pacific Time. Rounds 4-6 are currently set to have a timer of 10 hours during the same time period. Rounds 7-20 are currently set to run for 8 hours. As always, these are subject to change as we progress.

As always, please ensure that you are able to sign in to Stats+ here and that you are able to access the draft list and order.

A reminder that Stats+ will create draft notifications in Slack at the #draftupdates channel, please make sure you are a member of this channel, if you are not, PM me in Slack and I will add you.

Within Stats+, the Pool/My List page allows for a team to use either/both of “List Pick” or “Auto Pick.”

-If list/auto are not selected, a team will have the full timer to make their selection.
-If ONLY list is selected and no players are on the list, the team has the entire timer allowed.
-If ONLY list is selected and players are on list, when the team comes up, the list is used immediately.
-If list AND auto are selected the pick is made immediately, first using the list, and then using BPA.

If there are any questions about Stats+ or the draft, please reach out to me via PM.

A reminder that players drafted cannot be traded until the off-season.

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