“Face of MLB Pro” Tournament Details

JUNE 2nd UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who submitted their Face of the Franchise! The bracket is ready to go:

Each day 🤞 leading up to sim time, I’ll post the current matchup in the form of a Polly in the #leaguevotes channel on Slack. Cast your ballot for your choice of the Face of MLB Pro and check back the next day for another round. Poll will “close” the next day when I post the next matchup, approximately 24 hours. Best to get your votes in the night it posts.

Any questions, let me know!

(Original post is below.)

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About a decade ago, MLB Network hosted a bracket-style tournament where fans voted in Twitter polls to determine the “face” of Major League Baseball.

Opening Day is behind us and the All-Star Game is still months away. There’s a lull in the calendar, and with the blessing of the commissioner’s office, I’m going to be coordinating a similar “Face of MLB” tournament in our Slack channel to have a little fun.

What I need from you

Before we can get the bracket going, we need participants! I am asking every MLB Pro team to DM me (Justin Jabs) the name of your team’s current “Face of the Franchise.” This is due by the end of May.*

Who on your squad gets the biggest cheers before they step up to the plate or onto the mound? Who is selling the most shirseys and jerseys in your team store? Whose bobblehead day packs the stadium with the most fans?

The emphasis here is on players who have made it to the Majors. If you truly have nobody on your big league roster you consider notable, send me the hot-shot prospect who is about to make their debut and perhaps we can make an exception. This is just for fun, after all.

After the submissions are in, I’ll randomize a bracket, and each night around sim time put a Polly in Slack for everyone to vote on to try and decide the Face of MLB Pro. Thanks in advance for your nominations and voting!

*For any teams I don’t hear back from, I’ll sorting your squad by Popularity and picking the player with the most WAR. But it’s way more fun if it comes from you, so send me those names!

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