Midseason Update 2023

June 30, 2023
League Office

  1. Draft: The draft will be input into OOTP prior to the sim on Sunday, July 2. Opening day in the Appalachian Rookie League is 7/12, while the other three Rookie Level leagues begin on the 17th. Please look through your minor leagues and have everything set and ready to go.
  2. ASG Voting: Please get your votes in by sim time on July 4.
  3. Exporting: As of typing this, the league average export rate going back to April 1 is 65.8%. I just ask that those that maybe who are not exporting above that rate, just be sure to do what is asked in other areas to make up for exporting. Set draft lists, vote in awards, pop in on Slack now and again. I fully realize we have been doing this for a long, long time and we all have had things change within our lives, I just want to be sure that those here do in fact still want to be here. When exporting drops, when pick after pick the draft timer hits the end, when ASG voting is not made, and when you do not pop into Slack now and again, I do have to think about potential changes. No one here is in immediate danger, just more of a reminder and a request moving forward.
  4. 2024 Rule Ideas: As always, now is the perfect time to submit any ideas/changes you have floating in your mind that you think are worthy of being discussed. Send them to me via PM.
  5. IFA: 2022 IFA Signees can be traded beginning on Saturday. The 2023 class is largely up in-game, you can scout/plan for the next month. There still might be some more added (TBD), we will begin that on August 1.
  6. Trade Deadline: The 2023 MLB Pro trade deadline will match the MLB deadline and be on August 1, with trades being in by 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET. Like all years in the past, that is a hard deadline where the trade must be posted AND approved by the time the league office posts the “Deadline Passed” post.
  7. OOTP 24: A reminder that we will be moving to OOTP 24 after this season is finished.
  8. This last point is one that is always a bit awkward and I try and keep it to a every 4 to 5 years kind of thing AND TO BE VERY CLEAR, your spot in MLB Pro and the existence of MLB Pro does not in ANY WAY impacted by this point…but, Stats+ costs the league $120 to run each calendar year (plus there is some domain registration stuff), if there is anyone who wants to chip in with any type of donation STRICTLY for the league, it would be appreciated. NOT REQUIRED, just throwing it out there though.

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