2023 Hiring Freeze Announcement

August 19, 2023
From the League Office

A personnel hiring freeze will go into effect on September 1, 2023. All teams will no longer able to sign any free-agent personnel until a date TBD following the conclusion of the World Series. This covers all league levels. If it is found that a team signs a personnel member between now and then, the personnel will be released and the team will be forced to cover the contract.

[Note: I will have a league file from Sept. 1 that will include all existing personnel offers, the current offers in-place are not included in the ban. If they sign, nothing to worry about. As always, new personnel will slowly be added to the free-agent pool over the next two months.]

In addition to the hiring freeze, expect a Roll Call post/survey to be posted around the same time. Everyone will have ample time to give this thought and time to respond throughout the final month and part of the postseason.

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