Coach Hiring + Trading

The League Office has decided to make a change to the upcoming schedule.

Personnel Hiring: You may hire a new scout today. That will not change. However, the opening of hiring all other personnel (coaches at all levels + trainer) will not open until the start of free-agency on the 29th.

Beyond Yanez, another former retained player (Matt Jenkins) was found to be causing some arbitration estimate confusion through retention. Already with some confusion and panic about the changes to finances with 24 vs. 22, I want to let arbitration pass before new deals are handed out.

Similarly, while trading will indeed open on Monday, I would STRONGLY ADVISE that deals be PRIMARILY for arbitration eligible type players. I would again, STRONGLY ADVISE against MAJOR deals until after arbitration passes and you have a better and clearer picture of your finances. Your finances will change after arbitration and you will still have a week to make any moves before FA. If you want to go as far as negotiating trades and waiting to double-check after arb, that’s fine. Just be careful!

On the topic of finances, the easiest way to quickly gain a few million is to change your IFA budget to 0. A reminder, that if you assign money in those category your owner assumes you have spent it EVEN if you do not ultimately sign an IFA. It does allow you to sign an IFA come later in the year if you are over budget. If you set it to 0, you free up the money today, but can only sign an IFA if you are under budget.

Some of the slight changes in 24 vs. 22 (just as 22 was different than 20, 18, 16, 14, 12…) will take time to get used to. They always do. You will get used to them with time, we all will. It’s been 48 hours. Give it time…give it time.

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