WDL 2023-2024

The Winter Developmental League is set to return early next month for another season of winter baseball in Hawaii. After four seasons of divisional based rosters — in which the NL East took two titles — the WDL is set to unveil a new format.

Having reached out to the league, the following GM’s were put in charge of a WDL team this season:

  • Banzai Waves: Jason
  • Kapalua Dolphins: Kimberly
  • Lahaina Sharks: Matt E.
  • Lanai Islanders: Jabs
  • Princeville Pirates: Heinz
  • Wailea Beach: Rob

Each GM selected two MLB teams to join them in being affiliated with their team, while the remaining spots were filled by the league office. Each WDL team will be represented by five MLB franchises.

The league office will once again reach assign managers prior to the start of the WDL. Each manager will be been given the same ratings, preferences, and tendencies.


Player rejection has again been set to “rarely” — a list of players who will not accept an invite to the WDL will be placed on each team’s Google Sheet which will be shared in Slack.

If selecting an international complex player, the player MUST BE AT LEAST 19 YEARS OF AGE.

That’s basically it. Read below for more on some opinions on the type of players that should be selected. If there are any questions, just ask!

Winter Developmental League
Who Do I Pick?

Annual reminder that the purpose of the WDL is development and not winning every game at any cost. 

The WDL is about the future, not the present. You should not be looking to send players that are on your 2023 radar. These should be players that are 2024 and beyond types.

If there are any questions, comments, ideas, on the league as whole, on a player you are considering, or anything that I have not mentioned, do not hesitate to ask away.

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