Wil Myers Headlines Group To Receive QO

November 21, 2019
via MLB Pro League Office

The following players have received qualifying offers.

*Carlos Romero
Felix Hernandez
Jon Lester
Justin Upton
*Pasqualino Carosi
*Russell Martin
Tim Lincecum
Wil Myers
Zack Cox

[* – Accepted Offer]

[Notes: Our rules now dictate that a player may receive only 1 QO in their career. OOTP 20 does not recognize past QO’s. As such, the Angels offer of a QO to SP Jordan Lyles is ignored. The compensation attached to Lyles will be removed upon the open of free-agency.

While Russell Martin also had previously received a QO, the league office was unaware of this at the time. We were unable to make this known to the Mets. As such, Martin’s QO will stand. We will spend time this offseason trying to get an accurate list of past QO’s.]

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