A Celebration Of MLB Pro’s 10th Season

The 2021 season will be MLB Pro’s 10th season!

We’ve seen stars like Armando Cabanas, Gary Copeland, Sean Gilmartin, Jeremy Scott, Nomar Mazara, and countless other players shine throughout the years of the league. We have seen real-life players flourish, we have seen real-life players squander. We try and add as many real-life amateurs to each draft class, we try and add international prospects. One area that has been a bit more difficult at times is getting some of the “more established” MLB’ers that squeak past the areas where we add players.

Earlier this season we had a request to do something special for the 10th season. Justin and I have been giving this some thought and we believe we have a concept for something that we want to present to the rest of the league. An option we are considering is adding some of these players this off-season as part of a “mini-draft” of 1 or 2 rounds (depending on the number of players…depending on if we hold some off for an auction or place in free-agency). Batters like Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, Ozzie Albies, Kris Bryant, Matt Chapman…pitchers like Jack Flaherty, Mike Soroka, Shane Bieber, Brandon Woodruff…

We do not have a final plan at the moment.

Also, to be clear, this is not a 100% going to happen thing. This is an idea for something that we feel like could be a good addition to our 10th year. This is something we want input on.

Feel free to reach out via PM or to discuss in Slack.

Here’s to the next ten years of MLB Pro!


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