2021 Player Auction

After lengthy discussions between the MLB Pro Players Association and the League Office, the sides have come to an agreement that MLB Pro will continue the tradition of holding a Player Auction.

The Player Auction will kick start February over a two-night get together in Slack on:

  • Monday, February 1, ~ 7:30 PM EST
  • Tuesday, February 2, ~ 7:30 PM EST**
    The second night is under the assumption that their will be enough players on the auction block.

The auction is a way for teams to make some quick cash on players they don’t really want anymore, or teams to add some interesting depth pieces with only cash. Any and all GMs are welcome to participate.

For a reminder on things, here’s how it works:

Posting Players for Auction

Anyone seeking to sell some players will submit a list to Matt on Slack by January 27th at 8 PM EST. There is no limit to how many players you can post for auction but for the sake of time, let’s be reasonable.

When submitting the list, include the player’s name, position, league level, a brief description to entice bidders on the player, and a starting bid (increments of $50,000).

Armando Cabanas, RF, MLB, $20,000,000
After being spotted on the sidelines of a Washington Huskies decked out in purple and gold, the Mariners can no longer hold on to this star player. A five-tool player who will be the foundation of any lineup for years to come.

Sample Auction Submission

Most players in an organization can be listed. That said, the following restrictions will be in place:

  • A player with a no-trade clause or 10/5 rights can veto a sale.
  • A player signed to a free-agent contract OR to an extension beyond the one-year arbitration settlement this off-season cannot be put up for auction.
  • Teams that hold a Competitive Balance Draft Pick CAN list the pick for sale. A reminder that the pick can only be moved once.

Once a player is added to the Auction List, they may not be traded prior to the auction.

The Auction Process

After all lists have been submitted, players will be broken up into pools that will be auctioned off on either the first or second night of the auction. For those able to attend on Slack the night of, you can bid as the auction goes. For others, the list of players up for auction will be presented to the league by sim time on January 28th. You will have several days to submit “max bids” E-Bay style if you will not have a chance to attend the nights of the auction.

A team may bid in increments of $50,000. Like trades, you cannot exceed -$10,000,000 “TOTAL MONEY AVAILABLE.”

[Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in the auction. It is something that I waver on each season, but with continued interest, I am happy to run it this year and again in the future so as long as continued enthusiasm for it remains.]

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