Spring Training Date Set

Organizations across MLB Pro were notified on Wednesday evening that the 2021 MLB Pro Spring Training season will begin on Monday, February 15th.

MLB Pro’s 2021 Opening Day will take place on Thursday, April 1.

Spring Training Notes

  • Spring Training rosters expanded from 60 to 70. You will have plenty of options to rest players for extended periods of time and give NRI and prospects a chance to play.
  • With the above, Spring Training is being extended from 5 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • With the additional week of games early, there might be a day or two that eventually has games cleared from the schedule for that day. Soze and I will discuss this down the line, and it will be a bit dependent upon his schedule. That said, there are a few days in mid/late March where I will not be around much/have time to sim.
  • Something else that I am considering/floating around my own head/can’t do anything on at this point in time, is having MLB teams open ST against lower minor-league opponents. Unfortunately I can’t do anything with the ST schedule ahead of time, but it’s something that might happen.

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