Exporting: August-September

As the season progresses past the trade deadline and into the playoff push in both August and September, exporting is an important thing for all teams across the league.

A reminder on exporting rules:

  • Beginning February 1 through the end of the season (we can discuss off-season activity at a later point), that everyone exports at a clip of AT LEAST 25% per month. This is roughly twice a week AT MINIMUM!
    • (Not all 25%’s are created equal…)
    • If this becomes a problem that I see OR if I am notified by someone about your exports/not responding to Slack AND if I agree with those assessments by others, I will issue a warning.
  • Moving forward, to be eligible for a “Competitive Balance Draft Pick”, you will need to:
    • Export at a clip of 50% or better FOR THE SEASON
    • Export at a clip of 33% or better FOR EACH MONTH FEBRUARY-OCTOBER
    • Avoid being notified about your exports being a concern.
  • Failure to meet exporting guidelines will lead to review.

Beyond meeting the above numbers, maintaining active exporting numbers is expected as your play can impact other teams fighting for playoff spots. Exporting and maintaining focus throughout the season can potentially allow you to give players new opportunities, whether in roles, positions, or levels of play. It can allow you to focus in a minor-league level or player for the future, or a variety of things.

This is just a reminder for everyone, regardless of where you sit in the standings that exporting is expected throughout the season.

Later this month we will again bring up 2022. From checking-in on those who have and still need to purchase OOTP 22, to those interested in opportunities with new franchises.

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