MLB Pro Winter Meetings & Rule 5 Draft

The 2024 MLB Pro Winter Meetings will begin on Thursday, December 14 and end on Monday, December 18.

The first MLB Pro draft lottery will take place during the Winter Meetings. Odds for the lottery are below:

  1. New York Yankees (54-108): 165 balls, 16.5%
  2. San Diego Padres (56-106): 165 balls, 16.5%
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates (62-100): 165 balls, 16.5%
  4. Chicago Cubs (62-100)*: 133 balls, 13.3%
  5. Chicago White Sox: (63-99): 100 balls, 10.0%
  6. Boston Red Sox (70-92): 75 balls, 7.5%
  7. Washington Nationals (70-92)*: 55 balls, 5.5%
  8. Texas Rangers: (71-91): 39 balls, 3.9%
  9. Cleveland Guardians (72-90): 27 balls, 2.7%
  10. St. Louis Cardinals (72-90)*: 18 balls, 1.8%
  11. San Franciso Giants (73-89): 14 balls 1.4%
  12. Miami Marlins (73-89)*: 11 balls, 1.1%
  13. New York Mets (73-89)*: 9 balls, 0.9%
  14. Oakland A’s (76-86): 7 balls, 0.7%
  15. Cincinnati Reds (78-84): 6 balls, 0.6%
  16. Detroit Tigers (80-82): 5 balls, 0.5%
  17. Kansas City Royals (85-77): 4 balls, 0.4%
  18. Tampa Bay Rays: (87-75): 2 balls, 0.2%
    ***: Lose Tiebreaker Based Upon 2022 Standings

In addition to draft lottery and free-agent negotiations, the Winter Meetings will once again be home to the MLB Pro Rule 5 Draft. The Rule 5 Draft is now scheduled for Monday, December 18th at ~4:45 PM PT in Slack. You may submit a list with instructions if you will not be able to attend.

40-man rosters will lock with the sim Thursday, December 14th and the pool will be made available later that evening or the morning of the 15th. Everyone will have the weekend to look over available players.

Following the sim on the 14th, each team’s 40-man roster number will be tracked and recorded. If you have 39 at that point, even if you were to waive/DFA multiple players in the following days, you will only be able to select a maximum of 1 player in the Rule 5 draft.

If a player is waived during that week…
—-If they are claimed, the new team can add them to the 40-man roster (must have a spot for them).
—-If they go unclaimed, they REMAIN Rule 5 eligible AND will not come with the full-season roster requirements for the new team.

If a player is signed as a free-agent, they will be added to the 40-man roster during that week. The above rule stands true if you must waive a player to make room for the newly signed FA.

No trades will be processed from that Friday until the Rule 5 draft is completed.

To simplify who is and is not eligible for the draft, we will return to the following simplified rules:

  • If a player is listed in-game as eligible and…
    • They are at least 22 year of age or older (As of our R5 draft date of 12/18, ).
    • They were not recently signed as a FA and have yet to be added to the 40-man roster, this should be obvious for all to spot. Players who sign a big-league contract during the brief window are to be added to the 40-man roster.

Drafting a player will cost $100,000.
A team will earn $50,000 for each player lost in the draft.

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