Trade Posting Process

Our #agreedupontrades channel has been a fine home for trades since our days at GM Games came to a close this past season. After having a couple trades test out and confirm things were easy enough, I have decided we will use the Stats+ trade tool moving forward. The process is as follows:

You will begin by logging into Stats+ and navigating to the trade tool. The trade tool can be found in the League Dropdown:

From here you will input your trade. Select the opposing team on the right and the league levels at the bottom. Add the players to the trade.

Once the trade is listed correctly, click on the review proposal button. Note, these financial numbers are estimates. To find the exact numbers you can use the in-game trade tool to review if you/the other team is close to the -10M number. Feel free to ask the League Office as well if need be.

After sending the proposal, the other team will need to log-in, go to the trade tool and check the “Pending” section. The proposed trade should be listed there. Accept the trade. Upon accepting the trade will be posted to Slack.

I might ask for some trade reasoning to be posted in a thread on Slack under the trade post from time to time. More likely for newer GM’s, bigger trades, or ones that feel like they could use a little reasoning attached. This is not a trade committee thing, just helps provide context in some areas.

All of this will allow for trade history to be preserved on the site. There’s hope that in the future Stats+ will allow for the entering of past trades. All of this will make things easier than the Google Sheet method.

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