OOTP 24: IFA Practices

The IFA process in OOTP24 is a little different than previous OOTP versions. In the past, there was no way to build up relationships with players prior to offering contracts. Now that has changed.

Now OOTP allows for each organization to invite IFA prospects to a “private practice” where the IFA’s build up a relationship with the organization. This relationship, along with the offer itself, and other player attributes play a role in where a player signs.

Here is a look at the process of inviting players and running a practice:

1) The IFA prospects available for the season can be found in the same spot they traditionally have been. Use the league dropdown -> Transactions -> International Amateur FA tab.

2) Right click on a player’s name and select “Invite to Training” to add them to your list of players you want to invite to your training camp. You may invite up to eight (8) players each month.

3) Once you are happy with the eight players for that month you will need to run your practice. To do this, use your team dropdown -> Scouting Task List -> International. That should bring you to a screen such as this:

4) If you have a change of heart and want to remove a player, you can do so on this screen. OOTP runs the practice on the final day of the month in-game. (For example, the sim from May 30 to May 31 will be the sim in which OOTP runs the first practice.)

A practice of 8 players is allowed once a month, for each month prior to the signing period opening. For now, that will be a practice in May, June, July, and potentially August depending on when we ultimately open the IFA signing period. If you do not run one on your own, the CPU will run one for you on the final day of each month.

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